Rapid fire questioning on community; as a realtor I have many clients that do a rapid fire Q/A session about culture and it feels a lot like speed dating just we are dating a community to find our home and lifestyle.

Medical care

I live in Florence and I can get to the hospital in 12 minutes if necessary, (and yes I have a large family and have put this to the test). We do have a couple walk- in clinics and if our town doesn’t have the specialist you need and want, Pueblo is 45 minutes away and it only takes me 55 minutes to get to Colorado Springs.


Wow this is big one, we love our weekend community festivals all through the year. We are a tourist destination with the Royal Gorge Bridge. Outdoor recreation ,is always a thing. Rafting, biking, hiking, pickle balling, hot springs, rodeoing, skiing is only 1 hour and 20mins to get to Monarch. I will ultimately miss some activities on this list due to the fact that there is so much to participate in; bottom line there is always plenty to do and a lot of clubs and support groups to enjoy friendships while enjoying recreation.


I raised my children here and educated them here in Fremont County. My children are now adults and putting back into the education system with higher education and teaching. We do have a community college PCC on the edge of Canon City, that is such an asset to our town.


Here is my true love affair,(food). We have a great food landscape with our restaurants. I personally like to patronize the mom and pop local restaurants as much as I can. I have different places that I like to go for different moods and occasions. It is very difficult to choose a favorite, I have many and your realtor can always give you recommendations. Let’s not forget about our coffee shops. I huge shout out to all the shops that keep us caffeinated and I personally love meeting up with people for work or personal at our little cafes.


We are the banana belt for Colorado. Canon City as the name suggest is in a Canyon. We have very mild weather . Many clients have shared with me that is a big part of the pull to move here.

Pace of life

You can choose. We do have to small town feel of a more relaxed lifestyle and within minutes you can still have all the luxuries of city amnesties at Colorado Springs.

Working from home & Internet

Yes high speed internet available and I do believe part of the success of our coffee shops is they are a business that offer support to home workers. We also have The Hive (Co-working space) in our community that supports home employment with office services and space, “al a carte” for example a day pass or up to renting a regular office.


We have many of both. We do have a town with many different types of religions and denominations.
Prisons ? We do have prisons here. It does affect our community in a few different ways. I have had many family members work for DOC Department of Corrections, it is a good income with good benefits. The prisons are our largest employer here. Another benefit to the prisons, is the byproduct of citizens being trained as guards it give us a community with a law enforcement culture.

Small town living with all the big city amenities close by, I have lived here and raised my family here in Fremont County for the past 25 years and I feel like it is the best of all worlds. Something I have shared with my children as we look onto our beautiful landscape and mountains, “I have traveled many places and I can’t think of many places that rival the beauty of what is in our own back yard: we are truly blessed to live in such a place.